Patients Reviews

I am so happy to have found her. She listens! I love her conservative yet effective treatment plans. Nice staff too!

Kathy A.
Knows so much about the body and it’s systems, as well as medicine and more natural options. Has truly connected and and helped me sort through what my body was trying to tell me through symptoms, then find the best options for treatment.

Nicole C.
I always have such a great experience when I go to body balance care. I love the atmosphere of the whole entire place and the staff is very delightful, Karson is a great doctor always very caring.

Emily W.
Karsen is AMAZING

Gwen P.
My experiences with Karsen have anyways been positive. She's a wise, intelligent woman who cares deeply for her patients. I trust her completely with my health.

Camaron O.
Wow! My experience with Mrs, Delgado was great! She listened to all my concerns and problems and offered multiple options and got me started on them same day. I will recommend her to everyone

Whitney L.
Focus on my internal body issues. Clear plan of action; what is good , what is not good for diet, activities , along with vitamins and supplements to assist in recovery of body. Rest, Relaxation for body and mind, to help heal body, for every day life. It's a journey of our ever changing body.

Darlene M.
For several years now, Karsen has guided me through some significant health issues, including hormone balancing and building a stronger immune system. I love her positive attitude and her knowledge and her willingness to help.

Nancy S.
Karsen is always very caring, listens to all my questions, and makes me feel like my health concern matter to her.

Marion M.
Karsen was kind and attentive!

Samantha H.
She's always so upbeat and thorough. I feel much better after talking with her about any health concern.

Cynthia L.
Karsen built up my immune system so my thyroid could funtion better. I have Hasimotos and it was causing all kinds of trouble. The Hasimotos was hiding Epstein Bar and I was so tired. Now the Epstein Bar is dormont again. Thanks Karsen.

Jackie V.
I always enjoy talking with Carson. I think the meeting would have been more beneficial if it had been scheduled after my test results were back.

Ramona B.
Karsen and her staff are amazing! I highly recommend her. Very knowledgeable, professional, and friendly! Thank you!!

Sean D.
Karsen is so personable and really wants to help me feel better. I like her attention to detail. It’s easy to contact her if I have questions.

Nancy G.
Karsen is so smart and intelligent with how our bodies work! I'm so glad I was referred to her because I have found out so much about my body and why I was feeling the way I was. She has recommended several things to help with my symptoms and I have noticed a positive difference with myself and have been feeling so much better since I've started seeing her!

Eva C.