About Body Balanced Care

Natural Hormone Therapy & Anti-Aging, Integrative Medicine & Family Medicine in & Lehi, UT

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About Body Balanced Care

Body Balanced Care offers comprehensive wellness services for the mind, body and spirit. Under the leadership of Karsen Delgado, the practice has become a valuable resource for local residents living in Lehi, Utah and beyond. She is dedicated to supporting your healing journey every step of the way through an integrative approach to wellness. 

To help you manage chronic illness and optimize your daily quality of life, she offers a variety of services, including infusion therapy, vitamin injections, chronic disease management, dietary recommendations, weight loss management, and lifestyle support. 

Patients may also benefit from stress resilience guidance, depression and anxiety support, as well as recommendations to optimize women’s and men’s health. Karsen works with you to understand your unique concerns and customize a treatment plan that addresses your needs and goals for an optimal well-being. 

She also wants you to feel comfortable and well-informed about your treatment options, and she takes the time to answer all your questions you may have about the process. She also emphasizes the importance of preventative care in helping you lower your risk for health complications.  

Using all that she has learned from her healing journey, Karsen wishes to help people struggling with chronic illness find the healing they deserve. To learn more about integrative treatment options for chronic disease, schedule a time to meet with Karsen at Body Balance Care by calling or booking online today.